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It is our mission to enable all students to learn the skills, acquire the knowledge, and develop the attitudes in mathematics and technology necessary for them to reach their fullest potential as morally and socially responsible citizens who can meet the challenges of a changing global society.  We must meet the demands of this new era of technology by preparing students with strong moral principles, inquisitive spirits and probing minds.  We must excite students to move forward on their own, to develop proof for answers, to learn from one another, and to seek verification from other members of the class as well as society. 

The Elementary Mathematics Curriculum for the Diocese of Pittsburgh is problem centered, and uses content that develops students’ conceptual understanding of mathematics, appreciation for its applications, ability to communicate mathematically, and proficiency in computational skills.

The mathematics curriculum presents numerous opportunities for the integration of faith, culture and life by developing an awareness of the Gospel values which should permeate real life problem-solving situations.  These values of cooperation, honesty, fairness, justice, compassion, courage, integrity, diligence, order, respect for persons and property and an awesome respect for the wonders of God’s creation and the order is an integral part of the teaching/learning process in the mathematics class.

Educational goals for all students based upon the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards, must reflect the importance of this mathematics culture.  Towards this end our goals are to have students

  • Develop the value of mathematics
  • Do and apply mathematics competently
  • Find and solve problems
  • Communicate mathematically
  • Reason mathematically
  • Apply problem-solving and decision-making skills to real life situations
  • Become self directed life-long learners
  • Use appropriate communication and group interaction skills
  • Demonstrate concern, tolerance and respect for others