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A child's simple faith



1725 The smile that lit up Father John Lynam's face reflected the same joy shining from B.J. Osso, Sister Cynthia Wessel and Jennifer Turner — without being asked, children in their care made a beautiful sacrifice for God.

Posted: Fri., Aug. 29, 2014

For 31 years, Father Dennis Colamarino has faithfully served the community of Duquesne in southeastern Allegheny County. But he is the first to tell you that it is more than a pastor/parishioner relationship.

 "We're a family, and we love each other like family," he said.

Posted: Fri., Aug. 29, 2014

Bishop David Zubik said it is obvious what makes the Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School Marian grotto and the nearby chapel and school so beautiful and necessary.

"This entire campus stands for the Word made flesh — Jesus himself," he said.

 The bishop presided at a formal dedication and blessing of the grotto Aug. 22 — feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary — on the grounds of the new high school building in Cranberry Township.

Posted: Fri., Aug. 29, 2014

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

 You may be aware that a Satanic group has scheduled a so-called "black mass" at the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to take place on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014. The organizers illegally obtained a consecrated host. To put it plainly, they stole it and planned to desecrate the Eucharist.

Posted: Fri., Aug. 29, 2014

Long before I wore the white collar of a priest, I wore the blue collar of a kid who worked in the Armco Steel Plant in Ambridge.

 In advance of the summer of 1968, and as a first-year seminarian for the Diocese of Pittsburgh, it was important for me to secure a job to help cover some of the costs associated with my next year of schooling at Duquesne University, i.e., books, supplies, spending money, etc. Given that my hometown was also home to seven steel mills, I took my chances and applied for a job at Armco Steel. 

Posted: Fri., Aug. 22, 2014

 Retired Aux. Bishop William Winter was recognized for his 25 years as a bishop during a Mass and dinner Aug. 12 at St. Paul Seminary in Crafton.

 He was joined by Bishop David Zubik, Aux. Bishop William Waltersheid, dozens of brother priests, friends and members of his family.

 In presenting Bishop Winter with a token of appreciation, Bishop Zubik read a letter in which he noted that in Bishop Winter's quarter-decade as a bishop and almost 60 years as a priest, there has been no challenge he found to be too great, no sacrifice too demanding.

Posted: Fri., Aug. 22, 2014

Deciding to stay closer to home, a local multi-parish youth ministry group called "Jesus: Alive and Living" focused its summer mission efforts on the Butler County community.

 The group is comprised of students from St. Fidelis in Lyndora/Meridian, St. Christopher in Prospect, and the Butler parishes of St. Michael the Archangel, St. Peter and St. Paul, as well as Butler Catholic School.

Posted: Fri., Aug. 22, 2014

Just as the Rev. Franklin Graham and the Three Rivers Festival of Hope welcomed Christians to the Consol Energy Center, the Diocese of Pittsburgh pointed to the welcoming nature of the church by inviting Catholics — and others — into one of its homes.

 Epiphany Church, adjacent to the center, served as a hospitality center during the Aug. 15-17 festival.

Posted: Fri., Aug. 22, 2014

I've been reading "The Siege of Fort William Henry: A Year on the Northeastern Frontier" by Ben Hughes (2011). All books are personal, and this one is almost family. The Old Man took us to Fort William Henry on Lake George, New York, when I was 7 or 8. Skeletons of dead soldiers from centuries past were on display. I couldn't sleep for a week.

Posted: Fri., Aug. 22, 2014

Sophie Masloff was a strong woman in the tradition of the biblical Esther and Ruth who always was committed to doing the right thing for the people who depended on her. With her death, Pittsburgh has lost a source of joy. She was the ultimate Pittsburgher, who, by laughing at herself, helped us all to laugh. She came to the office of mayor in a time of sorrow for the city, and led us through a transition with the good of the community in her heart. And she helped us all to find our way by bringing street signs to Pittsburgh and much, much more. She was always a friend to our diocese.