Epiphany Association/Epiphany Academy

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An organization dedicated to providing the formational and educational resources needed for the in-depth, ongoing spiritual renewal of life and world in the light of the Judeo-Christian faith and formation tradition. The Epiphany Academy of Formative Spirituality, which sprang from the Epiphany Association and its programs, offers an oasis for quiet reflection and religious education from classes on the Christian mystics and spiritual masters to many opportunities for personal and spiritual enrichment. The academy features a modern facility with a multipurpose room, classrooms, kitchen and dining area, the Epiphany Chapel of the Trinity, a video conference room, and lush gardens and landscaping.


Epiphany Association/Epiphany Academy
820 Crane Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15216-3050
United States
Phone: (412) 341-7494
Fax: (412) 341-7495
(877) 324-6873
SusanMuto, Executive Director
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