Contemporary Choir Director

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Job Title: 
Contemporary Choir Director


A parish minister who has acquired specialized training in contemporary Christian music. Responsible for the effective planning, coordination and execution of music within the liturgical celebration of the Sunday evening Mass. Diligently promotes for contemporary choir members, both youth and adult, and then ensures proper performance of parts, according to the different kinds of contemporary music, voices, and instruments. Encourages the active participation of the faithful in singing.

Saint Catherine of Sweden Parish


Saint Catherine of Sweden Parish
United States

Responsibilities and Tasks

Contemporary Choir Director:

1. Maintain detailed records involving the accounting or operations of the Contemporary Choir.

2. Has organizational and time management skills.

3. Provides music and musicians for the Sunday evening Liturgies, and a few other major celebrations.

4. Keeps abreast of current developments in liturgy and in music and directs music ministers to available training workshops and formational opportunities.

5. Other duties as assigned by the Pastoral Associate.

Formation, Training and Criteria for Readiness

Preparation for this position requires:

1. Proven competency in Catholic theology.

2. Preparation for this ministry demands training in music and liturgy.

A degree or educational credits in music or related fields is extremely helpful.


Effective functioning in this ministry requires a deep faith commitment and an ability to articulate it. Flexibility, realism, enthusiasm and a sense of humor are also important qualities. Be a person of prayer, be sensitive to the cultural experience of parishioners and understand their spirituality and worship life. Be an accomplished musician, who can direct others.

Office Hours

This is a Part-Time position usually 8 hours a week. This position requires one week night, and a Sunday afternoon rehearsal (begins @ 4:30 PM) with the Contemporary Choir, plus leading the worship in the 6 PM Sunday evening Mass. Position is 12 months of the year. Position reports directly to the Pastoral Associate.


Diocese of Pittsburgh, 2900 Noblestown Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205-4227, (412) 456-3100

How to Apply:

(Resumes accepted through 07/31/2017) Send, email or fax, cover letter, and resume to: Deacon Cliff Homer, Pastoral Associate St Catherine of Sweden Parish 2554 Wildwood Rd Allison Park PA 15101 P - 412.486.6004