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St. Angela Merici Parish is looking for a Faith Formation Coordinator/Program Manager. This is a part time position. If you are interested please feel free to contact the parish office at 412-672-9641 or email Fr. Kevin Dominik at  with any questions and/or to request an application. Applications are due May 30th with interviews to be scheduled the first week of June.

Saint Angela Merici Parish


Saint Angela Merici Parish
1640 Fawcett Avenue
White Oak, PA 15131
United States

Coordinators/Program Managers for Religious Education are parish ministers who will organize, unify and coordinate the personnel and structures that make up the parish Religious Education program. He/she oversees the site of the program and operational details of existing programs, guide and direct the work of the persons and structures that seek to fulfill these needs. It shall be the responsibility of the Coordinator/Program Manager to report directly to the pastor, and direct, administers, and moderate the program in the name of the pastor and through his authority.



1. Presents to catechists and others, the teaching of the Catholic Church according to the catechetical principles enunciated in Church documents: universal, national, and diocesan.

2. Organizes all aspects of the Sacramental formation program for children educated in the public school system and District school. Plan and develop all curricula for all programs.

3. Provide programs that creatively and enthusiastically engage children in their faith formation, liturgical participation and Christian living.

4. Invites, motivates and trains volunteers to assist as responsible leaders for various aspects of the total program.

5. Facilitate personal faith growth among catechists as a Christian community.

6. Conducts Vacation bible school programs.


1. Ensures that opportunities are available for liturgical services in all religious education programs.

2. Oversee Children’s Liturgy of the Word

3. Collaborates with the coordinator of liturgy and/or director of music ministry to assure that liturgical worship is integrated with the catechetical programs. Serves as member of liturgy committee.


1. Collaborates closely with the pastor, under his supervision, and with other members of the parish staff, integrating his or her own area of responsibility with the overall parish endeavor.

2. Develops a coordinated approach toward total parish religious education for faith development through catechesis on all age levels and collaborates with the catechetical staff in formulating a statement of catechetical purpose.

3. Oversees the recruitment of catechists and support staff, and provides them with continuity and support.

4. Undertakes ongoing evaluation in the light of goals and objectives based on the catechetical statement of purpose.

5. Manages the religious education budget in collaboration with the pastor.

6. Ensures that accurate records are kept of catechists, children, families, sacramental records, etc.

7. Serves as a communication link between the catechetical program and the rest of the parish, including the catechetical staff, parents, and the parish at large. Corresponds regularly with parents regarding the program and important events.

8. Provide opportunities for parent participation with their children.

9. Participates in parish staff meetings, District and Diocesan meetings as necessary.

Pastoral Services

1. Calls forth personnel from among the members of the parish to assist as responsible leaders for various aspects of the program.

2. Is visibly present at principal parish events, keeping attuned to the living faith and real concerns of parishioners.

3. Promotes good public relations both within and beyond the parish, and is involved in ecumenical, district, and diocesan networks of professional peers.


The capacity to relate to a wide variety of people, a spirit of generosity and the ability to delegate and collaborate are essential qualities because the ministry of the CRE often intersects with other parish ministers. Flexibility, realism, enthusiasm and a sense of humor are also important qualities


To function effectively, the CRE/Program Manager needs experience in catechizing or teaching religion, i.e. as a religion teacher in an elementary or secondary school, or as a catechist in a parish religious education program. Experience on a variety of levels, including child catechesis and adult catechesis, is preferred. The CRE/Program Manager:

1. Is able to articulate the philosophy and theology underlying the parish religious education program and the standards and policies of the diocese for religious education

2. Can guide and write the statement of catechetical purpose, the goals and objectives of this statement and provide the programs to implement these. Is able to formally evaluate the catechetical program.

3. Is able to guide the catechetical staff in the systematic assessment of the catechetical needs of the parish.

4. Is able to articulate Catholic theology in the light of the teachings of the Church since the Second Vatican Council and incorporate appropriate content from Catholic scholarship into catechist’ training.

5. Is able to facilitate meetings and group processes; has organizational and time management skills.

6. Is able to assemble literary and audio-visual resources.

7. Is able to make decisions and assume responsibility for delegated tasks and has some experience at conflict management and resolution.


Educational Preparation

The Coordinator for Religious Education is to have obtained a bachelor’s degree in the area of education, theology and/or religious education. Must be a practicing Catholic or possess an understanding of the post-Vatican II Roman Catholic liturgy. Must have completed all course requirements for Catechetical instructors, including but not limited to the courses in Sacraments, Creed, Morality and Methods. The Program Manager may have a bachelor’s degree either in education, theology, or religious education, or in an area unrelated to those areas.


As with all positions/ministries within the Diocese of Pittsburgh, this ministry comes under the Safe Environment policy of the diocese which requires clearances, i.e. Criminal and Child Abuse history, a Protecting God’s Children attendance Certificate and a signed copy of the Code of Pastoral Conduct and Child Protective Services Law. They must also complete the PA State Mandated Reporter Training and provide Fingerprint certification. As CRE/Program manager he/she must assure that all participating catechists/aides are in compliance with these requirements.


This position is directly accountable to the Pastor.