Saint Gabriel Archangel, North Side

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North Side

Parish History

St. Gabriel was established as a Slovak parish in 1903.  Before the parish was founded, local Slovaks traveled to the Strip District to attend Mass at St. Elizabeth.  Beginning in 1901, the Slovaks living on the North Side began planning for a parish of their own.  In 1903, the bishop gave his approval.  The first Mass of the new parish was celebrated on February 8, 1903, in Liberty Hall.  Until a church could be built, the parish used several halls.  On July 23, 1905, the cornerstone of the church was laid and the completed church was dedicated on May 30, 1906.  In the late 1920's, the widening of California Avenue required the remodeling of the church to move the entrance from the front of the building to the side.

Urban renewal again struck the parish in the late 1960's.  On Thanksgiving Day of 1968, the announcement was made that the state planned to build a highway on the land occupied by the church.  On April 13, 1969, the final Mass was celebrated in the original church.  While the parish built a new church, Mass was moved to the school hall.

On February 28, 1971, ground for the new church was broken.  On November 25, 1971, the cornerstone was laid and on April 30, 1972, the church was dedicated.  Unfortunately, at this time the population in the area began to drop dramatically.  By 1993 the population of the North Side could no longer support the number of parishes in existence.  In 1993, St. Gabriel merged with three other parishes and one mission church to form the new Risen Lord parish.  At first, St. Gabriel Church remained open and continued to serve the new parish.  However, in 1998 the parish conducted a study to determine whether they needed as many churches as they had.  The study determined that the parish only needed one church.  St. Gabriel closed in 1999 and was sold shortly afterwards.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

First St. Gabriel Church, 1936
Main altar of the first St. Gabriel Church, undated
Second St. Gabriel Church, 1983
Altar of the second St. Gabriel Church, undated

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