Saint George, Allentown

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Arlington Heights
Mount Oliver

Parish History

St. George, a German ethnic parish, was founded in 1886.  This parish was spun off from St. Michael, South Side, when the population grew enough to support a new parish.  The first church was located on Climax Street.  The cornerstone was laid on September 8, 1886.  As soon as the basement was finished in December, services were held in the unfinished building.  The building was dedicated on April 24, 1887 and served both as a church and a school.  However, the population growth in the area soon necessitated the building of a new school building.

Continued growth of population made a new, larger church necessary.  Land was purchased on Allen Avenue in 1910.  The cornerstone was laid on March 12, 1911 and the completed building was dedicated on July 7, 1912.  This church served the community for 80 years.  However, as population growth led to the creation of the parish, the population loss in Pittsburgh during the 1970's and 1980's led to the parish's demise.  In 1994, St. George was merged with three other parishes to form the new St. John Vianney parish.  At first the church remained open and served the new parish.  As time went by, however, the population of the area continued to decline.  In 2004, St. John Vianney parish initiated a pastoral planning committee to study whether the parish needed to keep all its churches open.  The committee recommended that the parish only keep one church open and that the remaining church be rededicated as St. John Vianney.  St. George was identified as the church to be retained.  The final Mass of the church as St. George was celebrated on August 7, 2005.  The church was then closed for liturgical upgrades and rededicated as St. John Vianney on September 3, 2005.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

First St. George church, 1886-1912
St. George, 1938
St. George interior, 1959

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