Saint James the Apostle

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New Bedford

Parish History

St. James was founded in 1847.  The origin of the parish can be traced to 1838, when the first known Mass was celebrated in the town by a priest visiting from Pittsburgh.  These visits continued, irregularly at first, but eventually once a month.  Until 1847, Mass was celebrated in private homes.  In 1847 responsibility for New Bedford  passed to Ss. Peter and Paul in Beaver.  The pastor of Ss. Peter and Paul built a church on donated land in New Bedford that was dedicated as St. James the Apostle.  In 1854, the mission transferred to St. Mary in New Castle.

Other events were taking place at this time that would affect the parish.  The individual who donated the land for the church made an additional land donation for an orphanage.  A building for the orphans was erected and some were transferred from Pittsburgh, but the attempt was soon abandoned as impractical.  During the 1850's the land was sold to the Diocese of Cleveland.  The bishop of Cleveland sent the Sisters of Charity to open an orphanage.  St. James remained open and was still visited by priests from the Diocese of Pittsburgh until 1862.  After that, St. James became the responsibility of the Diocese of Cleveland.

As New Castle and Youngstown began growing, people began drifting away from the New Bedford area.  The individuals who remained began attending services in the orphanage chapel.  St. James church was abandoned in 1873 and eventually was converted to classrooms.

No photographs exist of this St. James Church.

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