Saint Jerome, Charleroi

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Parish History

St. Jerome was founded in 1892.  The origin of the parish can be traced to the rise of industry in Charleroi.  Beginning in 1888, the pastor of St. Peter, Brownsville began making monthly visits to Charleroi to celebrate Mass.  At first Mass was celebrated in a private home.  As the population grew, Mass was moved to a rented hall.  By 1892, the congregation had grown to the point that a church was needed.  In that year, the first St. Jerome church was built.

After just over a decade, the parish decided to build a larger church in a more central location.  By 1908, the basement of the church was completed and was used for Mass.  On April 29, 1912, the cornerstone of the church was laid and the completed church was dedicated on June 8, 1913. 

As the rise of industry in Charleroi at the beginning of the century led to the creation of the parish, the loss of industry near the end of the century led to its suppression.  In 1992, the three parishes in Charleroi merged to form the new Mary, Mother of the Church parish.  St. Jerome church remains open and is now been given the name of Mary, Mother of the Church.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

St. Jerome, 1933
Interior, 1933

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