Saint Joseph, Braddock

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Parish History

St. Joseph was founded in 1877 as a German parish.  The origin of the parish can be traced to the arrival of German immigrants to Braddock to work in the growing industrial community.  At first these immigrants attended the territorial parish of St. Thomas.  By 1877, the number of Germans had grown to the point that they decided to organize their own parish.  The new parish was organized on August 26, 1877, and a pastor assigned on September 2, 1877.

The parish rented the second floor of Seewald's Hall as a temporary church and school.  Land for a church was purchased and ground broken in 1879.  This church was dedicated on August 23, 1880.  The congregation continued to grow and the parish soon outgrew its church.  Work on a new church began in 1890 and the cornerstone was laid on August 14, 1892.  The completed church was dedicated on December 17, 1893.

The church was renovated in 1927 for the parish's golden jubilee.  Additional improvements were made in 1949 and 1952.  However, by this point the population of Braddock was already beginning to decline.  This decline continued and, in 1982, the community suffered a major economic loss with the closing of the Edgar Thompson Works of U. S. Steel.  In 1983, the diocese conducted a study to determine if the community could still support the number of independent parishes then in existence.  The study determined that it could not and in 1985, St. Joseph merged with five other parishes to form the new Good Shepherd parish.  St. Joseph church was closed, sold and torn down in 1999.

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St. Joseph Church, 1933

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