Saint Joseph (German), North Oakland

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North Oakland

Parish History

St. Joseph was founded in 1877 as a German ethnic parish.  The origin of the parish, however, can be traced back to 1847.  In that year, the parish of St. Joseph, North Oakland, was founded.  The original parish comprised a congregation that included both Irish and Germans.  Before the parish had a resident pastor, it was served both by German speaking clergy from St. Peter, Butler and English speaking clergy from either St. Patrick, Sugar Creek or St. Patrick, Brady's Bend.  The first resident pastors assigned to the parish spoke both German and English.

However, in the 1870's an English speaking only pastor was assigned to St. Joseph.  In 1874, the parish built a new church.  Three years later, the German congregation petitioned for and received permission to create a separate parish.  They took over the closed, original church and the building was rededicated on July 18, 1877 and was also named St. Joseph.

This church continued to serve the congregation for over a century.  It had been remodeled several times and, in 1954, escaped unscathed a tornado that struck North Oakland.  On January 16, 1966, St. Joseph (German) reunited with St. Joseph (English) parish.  The St. Joseph (German) church was closed and used as a receiving chapel for St. Joseph Cemetery.

As part of the diocesan-wide Parish Reorganization and Revitalization, a determination was made in 1993 that the parish would be joined with nearby Mater Dolorosa parish in Chicora.  While St. Joseph remains an independent parish, it shares a priest with Mater Dolorosa.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

St. Joseph, 1937
Interior, 1937

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