Saint Ladislaus, Beaver Falls

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Beaver Falls

Parish History

St. Ladislaus was founded in 1923 as a Hungarian ethnic parish.  The parish was the result of an influx of Hungarians to the area at the beginning of the century and their desire to worship in their native language.  The first Mass for the parish was held at the Polish parish of Holy Trinity.  In 1924, the congregation purchased the old First Reformed Presbyterian church, which had been built in 1878.  The church was dedication in September, 1924. 

Beginning in the 1950's, the congregation began to decline as people began moving away from Beaver Falls.  In 1969, the church no longer had a resident pastor and was administered by St. Mary, Beaver Falls.  By 1985 the congregation had dwindled to 88 parishioners.  A study by the diocese concluded that due to the small congregation and the lack of priests, it was no longer viable to keep the parish open.  On September 27, 1985, the parish was officially suppressed.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

St. Ladislaus, circa 1950

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