Saint Lawrence (Hillsville)

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Parish History

St. Lawrence was founded in 1906 as an Italian ethnic parish.  The foundation of the parish was the growth of immigrants from Italy to work, primarily in the area quarries.  At first, local Catholics traveled to New Castle to attend Mass.  By 1906, the Catholic population had grown large enough to support an independent parish.  In February of that year, land was donated by the Carbon Limestone Co. for a church and a frame church was constructed that same year. 

This church was destroyed in a fire on July 18, 1930.  A new church was built and dedicated on March 27, 1931.  This church served the community until 1967, when a new church was dedicated on March 5 of that year.  As the century came to an end, the loss of population threatened the continuing existence of the parish.  As of 1995, St. Lawrence shared a pastor with St. Anthony, Bessemer, although both remained independent parishes.  In the year 2000, after a two year study, the decision was made to merge St. Lawrence and St. Anthony to create the new Christ the King parish.  The new parish was established on June 3, 2000.  St. Lawrence Church remains open as a worship site for the new parish.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

Second St. Lawrence Church, 1933
Interior of second church, 1933
Third St. Lawrence Church, 1933

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