Saint Martin De Porres

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Parish History

St. Martin de Porres was established in 1993 as part of the diocesan reorganization and revitalization project.  The parish was formed by the merger of four McKeesport parishes: Holy Trinity, St. Mary (German), St. Peter and Sacred Heart.  Of the four churches, St. Mary was closed and later razed.  The other three churches originally remained open and served the new parish.  However, by the turn of the century, it became obvious that the parish could no longer support three churches.  On September 23, 2007, final prayer services were held at St. Peter and Sacred Heart Churches and the buildings were closed.  Sacred Heart was sold and St. Peter was razed.  On December 2, 2007, Holy Trinity Church was rededicated as St. Martin de Porres.

By 2010, it became obvious that the dwindling congregation and the rising costs of maintaining the parish's building dictated that the parish could no longer remain independent.  On November 14, 2010, St. Martin de Porres Parish merged with St. Pius V Parish and St. Mary Czestochowa Parish to form the new Corpus Christi Parish.  As part of the merger, St. Martin de Porres Church closed to be sold at a later date.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

St. Martin de Porres Church, the former Holy Trinity Church, 2002
Interior of St. Martin de Porres Church, the former Holy Trinity Church, 2002

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