Saint Michael The Archangel, Braddock

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Parish History

St. Michael was founded in 1891 as the first Slovak parish in the diocese.  This parish was a direct outgrowth of the rise of heavy industry, particularly the steel industry in Braddock and the need for immigrant workers to staff the mills.  Beginning in early 1890, a group of Braddock Slovaks began to collect funds for a church.  On July 23, 1890, they purchased the First Christian Church of Braddock on Braddock Ave.  In February 1891, the parish of St. Michael was formed.  This church served the congregation until 1929 when it was torn down and a new church built.

The cornerstone of the new church was laid on May 19, 1929 and the building was dedicated on June 1, 1930.  As the growth of industry and population gave birth to the parish, the loss of industry and population in Braddock after World War II led to the parish's demise.  Particularly devastating to the Braddock community was the closing of the Edgar Thompson Works of U. S. Steel in 1982.  This drop in population affected not only St. Michael, but also the other parishes in Braddock.  A study of the situation in 1984 led to the decision to merge all of the Braddock parishes into the new parish of Good Shepherd.  This merger occurred on January 19, 1985.  After the merger, the parish renovated St. Michael Church in 1986 and it is presently being used as the parish church.

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Altar, 1930

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