Saint Paschal, Argentine

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Parish History

St. Paschal was founded in 1912.  The origin of the church can be traced to 1910.  In that year a priest from St. Michael parish, Butler, began visiting the area to minister to the Catholics who moved there to work in the coal mines.  Funds were raised for a church and on October 2, 1912, the church was dedicated as St. Paschal.  St. Paschal was made a mission of St. Michael and Mass was celebrated once a week.

In 1919, the area mines closed and the bulk of the population began to move away.  By 1921, the population dropped to the point that Mass was only offered in Argentine once a week.  After the depression, the population increased to the point that Mass was again celebrated at St. Paschal every Sunday.

St. Paschal remained a mission of St. Michael until the mid-1960's.  Then it became a mission of St. Louis in West Sunbury.  By the early 1990's, the population of this section of Butler County dropped to the point that a merger of parishes became necessary.  On September 3, 1993, St. Paschal merged with St. Louis, West Sunbury; St. Alphonsus, Murrinsville; and Epiphany, Boyers.  As part of the merger, St. Paschal church was closed.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

St. Paschal, 1932
Altar, 1932

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