Saint Patrick, Alpsville

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Parish History

The origin of this parish is not well documented.  It was established as a mission of St. Michael, Elizabeth in 1865, although the pastor of St. Michael may have visited Alpsville before that year.  Alpsville owed its existence to the coal mines in the area.  At first, Mass was celebrated monthly in private homes.  By 1865, the population of Alpsville had grown to the point that a church was practical.  In 1866, responsibility for Alpsville was transferred from St. Michael to a professor at St. Michael Seminary, who was given responsibility for building the church.  Work on the church began in 1866.  The cornerstone was laid on September 23, 1866, and the completed church was dedicated on September 1, 1867. 

In 1871, St. Patrick became an independent parish with the appointment of a resident pastor.  The parish prospered for the remainder of the century.  However, around the turn of the century the mines around Alpsville began to play out.  When the mines closed, the miners moved away.  By 1908 the population of Alpsville had dropped to the point that St. Patrick changed status with its mission, St. Charles Borromeo in Sutersville.  St. Patrick became the mission of St. Charles.

On January 1, 1924, the church was destroyed in a fire.  Work began immediately on a new church.  The new church was dedicated on Labor Day of 1924.  In 1951 the Diocese of Greensburg was created.  As Sutersville was in the new diocese and Alpsville remained in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, responsibility for St. Patrick was transferred to St. Peter, McKeesport.  When St. Denis parish was established in Versailles in 1955, they took over the mission of St. Patrick.

By the 1990's the population of the area had dropped to the point that it could no longer support the number of parishes in existence.  In 1993, St. Patrick was merged with St. Denis and St. Perpetua in McKeesport to form a new parish.  The new parish took the name St. Patrick.  After the merger, St. Patrick Church closed and was later sold.

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First St. Patrick Church, undated

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