Saint Rosalia, Greenfield

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Parish History

St. Rosalia was established in 1900.  The parish was the result of a meeting of local Catholics who decided to petition the bishop for a parish of their own.  While waiting for the bishop's permission, they purchased property for a church and went ahead and built a church.  While the bishop granted permission to establish the parish in 1900, he did not appoint a pastor to the parish until 1901.

The original church was a small frame building and the congregation soon outgrew it.  In 1923, the parish began work on a new church.  The church was dedicated in February of 1925.  The original church was converted to classrooms and used as a school building until 1960, when the building was condemned by the city Department of Safety and torn down.

By the early 1990's, the population of the city had dropped to the point that it could no longer support the number of independent parishes then in existence.  In 1993, the two parishes in Greenfield, St. Rosalia and St. Joachim, merged and formed a new parish.  The new parish retained the name of St. Rosalia.  St. Rosalia Church remains open and serves the new parish.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

Original St. Rosalia Church after its conversion to classrooms, 1932
St. Rosalia Church, 2002
Interior of St. Rosalia Church, 2002

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