Saint Stephen, Hazelwood

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Parish History

St. Stephen was founded in 1871.  However, the history of the congregation actually can be traced back to 1857.  In that year the St. Michael Seminary opened in Glenwood.  In September of  that year, the Seminary opened a small chapel to serve the small population of Catholics in the area.  From the beginning, this was only considered a temporary measure.  By 1870, enough funds had been collected to begin the building of a church for the local community.  The new church opened in 1871 and was formally dedicated on May 15, 1872 and named for St. Stephen.

By the end of the century, population growth in the area made it necessary to build a new church.  On September 15, 1902, the cornerstone was laid for the new church on Second Avenue.  This church was dedicated in June of 1904.  A fire on November 5, 1924 destroyed this church and a new St. Stephen church was built on the site.  This church was dedicated on December 20, 1925.

As part of the diocesan reorganization and revitalization in 1993, the parishes of St. Stephen and St. Ann in Hazelwood were merged.  The new parish was named St. Stephen and continues to use the St. Stephen church building.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

The original St. Stephen, 1871-1900
The second St. Stephen, 1902-1924
Aftermath of the fire, November 1924
St. Stephen, 1946
Altar of the second St. Stephen, 1902-1924
Interior St. Stephen, May 15, 1946
Altar, Christmas, 1996

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