Saint Teresa, Koppel

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Parish History

St. Teresa was founded in 1871 with the building of the church.  Before the church was built, a priest came from St. Mary, New Castle, monthly to celebrate Mass in a private home.  Work on the church began in May 1871 and the completed church was dedicated on October 15 of that year.  The church was built in the town of Hoytdale, then called Clinton.

At first, the church was a mission of St. Mary, New Castle.  In 1877, responsibility for the mission was transferred from St. Mary to St. Rose of Lima in Darlington.  In 1900, fire damaged the church, but it was soon rebuilt.  At about this time, St. Teresa was again transferred as a mission to St. Monica parish in Wampum.

Fire again struck the church in 1944.  This time the church was totally destroyed.  Because the majority of the congregation lived in Koppel, the bishop directed that the new church be placed in Koppel.  In 1945, the parish purchased an existing office building and converted it into a combination church and school.  On May 29, 1962, the parish became independent with the appointment of a resident pastor.

By the 1990's, the population of the area dropped to the point that it could no longer support the number of parishes in existence.  On August 28, 1992, St. Teresa merged with St. Monica to form the new Queen of Heaven parish.  St. Teresa church remains open and serves the new parish.

Photos From the Diocesan Archive:

St. Teresa Church, 2002
Interior of St. Teresa, 2002

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